In the world full of things, we believe handcrafted goods have an extra quality as long as they are made with human intention, sensing hands, in careful sight of one's eyes.

Every piece we design is handmade in limited amounts by skillful people in several small workshops in Lithuania, our long-term partners. All things are crafted from natural materials like wood, porcelain, bronze, brass and beeswax.

Beeswax Slim Candles and Beeswax Birthday Candles were our first products when we started OVO Things in 2015. We are especially proud we have offerred a healthy alternative to common paraffin cake candles. Ever since our candle family has grown, expanding naturally with fitting candle holders, all made by artisans.

There's much beauty in making things in the old ways; we are happy to contribute to some of the crafts and stay local. 

Guoda and Justė